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App-enabled blocks for 

STEAM projects and inventions.

MESH Block Kit

Turbocharged inventing that inspires curiosity in STEAM. Bring MESH to your students! 

Hands-on, inventive projects for every student that integrate science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Unleash students' creativity with make-to-learn projects like creating a motion-activated, singing teddy bear, a self-feeding pet bowl, or even 

a smart light controller.

Encourage critical thinking with a kit designed to turbocharge ideas and bring technology to life 

to solve problems, real and imaginary alike.

Problem Solving

STEAM Skills

Creativity & Innovation

Discover computational thinking, electronics, engineering, and design in guided activities that explore hardware and internet technology to create interactive projects.

Give your students the tools to discover technology through invention and making. With MESH IoT blocks, children can instantly jump into the world of programming, electronics, and internet technology by creating interactive projects, like one-of-a-kind smart gadgets, without any coding or technical knowledge.

While other tech learning kits focus on how to build technology (e.g., learn to code or build electronics), MESH instead makes it easy for kids to simply discover novel ways to use existing technology to foster creative confidence and 21st Century Skills.

Recommended for students ages 8+. 

Inspire curiosity 


"MESH is a toolkit that simplifies inventing and making to free students from the paralysis of technical challenges and allow for more focus on creativity and discovery."

- Takehiro Hagiwara, Co-Founder of MESH

Gather MESH blocks and other everyday objects 

to build the smart gadget. 


How MESH Works

Choose a MESH activity

or brainstorm a

new idea.



Connect MESH blocks to the app and use visual-coding 

to add smart functions 

to the gadget. 


How to get started with MESH

We're creating hands-on, student-driven projects that explore technology, electronics, and the Internet of Things.

Explore Activities and Projects

Stay tuned, we're working on more cool projects for every STEAM subject!

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MESH is a kit of internet-connected, blocks for building 

projects for the Internet of Things. We're incubated at 

Sony's Seed Acceleration Program.

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